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The Socket Enchant NPCs are available in four towns. According to eAthena (Revision 14262), the NPCs in each towns are identical to each other in both appearance and functionality. The chance of success is only dependent on the class of the item being enchanted and the luck of the person behind the computer.

RAGNAROK ONLINE MOBILE: ENCHANT, UPGRADE, & REFINE GUIDE Immortal MBCG Loading... Unsubscribe from Immortal MBCG? Cancel Unsubscribe Working ... RAGNAROK M ETERNAL LOVE | INTERMEDIATE ENCHANTMENT QUEST - YouTube Ragnarok Mobile How To know The Refining Success Rate + Newest Refine Strategy Let's go ENGLISH - Duration: 7:05. GreysonRaz MusicGaming 69,438 views 7:05 Ragnarok Mobile WHITESMITH 1 MILLION PLUS Damage MVP AND ET SOLO Build ... Ragnarok Online :: Armor Enchant (Stat Addition) Guide Armor Enchantment (also referred to as Hidden Enchantment) is the process of adding a stat bonus to armor. Not all pieces of armors can be enchanted. Check the list below to see which armors can be enchanted and their estimated rate of success. Each armor ... [Question] Slot Enchantment: : RagnarokOnlinePH

''Sample Priesthoods:'. I. ***. As the Player's Handbook points out (page 34, fmt column), “In the simplest version of...

Hidden Enchant - iRO Wiki The Hidden Enchant is one of many Enchantment features present in Ragnarok Online used to improve equipment, specifically armor. Only some armors can be enhanced by this system. ... Ragnarok Socket Enchantment Simulation - REVO-Classic Simulation based on Ragnarok Online Philippines This Socket Enchantment Simulation is based in Ragnarok Online, Below you can try Adding a Socket to the item that you want and you can also find below what materials ... Aion 5.6 enchantment (enchanting) success rate research - Google Sheets Aion 5.6 enchantment (enchanting) success rate research Share Sign in The version of the browser you are using is no longer supported. Please upgrade to a supported browser.Dismiss File Edit ...

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Ragnarok - Game Info - Gearing Up Composition of this item has a 40% success rate and will yield a random job mount. The versions include magic attack for Mage and Acolyte classes and a physical attack version for all other classes. The composition result can be traded, and the 1st Job Change Mount is required for the next level of composition. Cards | Ragnarok Journey Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

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Enchantment is a method in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love to give your equipment items a random set of powerful effects and stat bonuses. In this in-depth guide on enchantment, we’ll teach you how to unlock Advanced enchantments, how it works, and how to get the rare 4th enchantment. Enchantment - TalonRO Wiki Success rates will also depend on the rank; higher rank items will have lower success rates. When successfully enchanted, items will gain one or more slots to insert a card into. However, there are some exceptions. Some items have different effects as a result of successful enchant. Enchant Descriptions Socket Enchant - OriginsRO wiki The rate of success is increased by an unknown but significant amount, and more importantly, if the attempt fails, the item will not be destroyed. Use of this NPC requires the normal Zeny fee, as well as consuming the Slot Advertisement. The Slot Advertisement and associated NPC is currently only available on iRO. Forged Weapons

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Legend: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1: Weapon name 2: Circle slot column 3: Cross slot column 4: Square slot column 5: 10 AP slot row 6: 20 AP slot row 7: 30 AP slot row ( ): Open skill slot (Xxxxx): Locked skill slot --- 6.1 - RYU'S Weapon Skills AND … Server Updates (Sept 27, 2018) - Announcements - AnomalyRO Nerf: SP sapping effects (such as Dark Priest Card) are now 33% as effective when used with AoE skills Nerf: Heal no longer recovers SP when the user casts it on themselves Buff: Adaptation to Circumstances no longer has a delay when … Biochemist - GatheringRO Wiki If the character has not done the quest yet, they can do it as a transcendent character as well. The One Handed Sword is a good weapon and generally a good choice for an Alchemist and their future classes' use.